LAN - Masterclass Series 23-24

FREE Online Masterclass Series

Join our amazing faculty for the VanderCook College of Music 2023-24 Online Masterclass Series! Students and educators will have the opportunity to learn a variety of instrumental and vocal techniques and acquire skills that will assist in their pursuit of excellence as a performer and/or educator.

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*All events are at 7 PM Central Time via Zoom. 

Spring Masterclasses

Wednesday, January 24, 2024
Beginning Bass (Electric & Upright)

HUB - Teaching beginning bass - Prof Bistrow Masterclass SP24 REVI

In this masterclass, we will discuss good posture, setup, right and left hand shape, playing without tension, and tone production.

Both upright bass and bass guitar can be covered, depending on the interest of the enrollees.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
The Perfect Warm-up: Setting Yourself up for Physical and Mental Success on Your Instrument

HUB - The Perfect Warm-up - Dr. Schuman Masterclass SP24 revi

Warming up right can maximize your progress, make playing your instrument more enjoyable, help prevent performance-related injuries, and foster a productive outlook.

In this interactive session, you will find a wealth of helpful ideas for structuring your daily warm-up routine, as this masterclass will cover the six essential components of an effective warm-up.

You will play through examples and chat with trumpet professor Dr. Leah Schuman about warm-up strategies and materials she has discovered in her playing and decades of helping hundreds of students achieve their full musical potential.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Body, Mind, and Voice: Singing From the Inside Out

HUB - Body, Mind, and Voice - Angela Presutti Korbitz Masterclass SP24 rev

How does body alignment correlate with better breath control and a more resonant vocal tone? This masterclass explores ways to engage the body and mind so that singers can learn how to release overworked muscles while discovering how to engage the muscles that are often underutilized.

Join Angela Presutti Korbitz as she leads the class in a sequence of exercises that can foster more effective practice habits.

Thursday, February 22, 2024 - NEW DATE: Thursday, May 2, 2024
Tuning Up: Intonation Strategies for Flute Players and Band Directors


This clinic offers suggestions for improving intonation in your flute playing and section. Playing in tune in extreme registers is often challenging for the beginner and intermediate student.

The class explores concepts ranging from basic alignment procedures on the instrument, body posture, embouchure, and breath control as factors that directly affect tuning. A variety of alternative fingers and exercises will be explored to correct intonation problems.

Thursday, March 14, 2024
Oboe Fundamentals

HUB - Oboe Fundamentals - Popplewell Masterclass SP24

How do you produce the best tone and pitch on the oboe? We'll focus on reeds, how to breathe and blow, posture, and more.

Delve into the fundamentals of playing the oboe and hear the difference!